About Us

Welcome to Powergear R&D

Powergear R&D provides contract R&D services for various industrial players. We have expertise in various technology domains such as Chemicals, Materials, Mechanical, Energy, Bio-instrumentation, Embedded systems, Power electronics, Aerospace, Sensors, Electromagnetics, and MEMS. Our teams comprise of applied scientists and industrial experts and are typically multi-disciplinary.
Our projects typically involve

  • Business/Market intelligence
  • Concept innovation
  • Theoretical & Experimental down-selection
  • Prototype builds
  • Costing
  • Reliability
  • Testing via conventional & custom test set-ups
  • Manufacturability

We are an innovation driven unit bringing cutting-edge technologies to life at the same time providing cost effective solutions. We commit to timelines and deliverables. We also provide customers the option to manufacture their products post completion of R&D phase.

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