3D Printing

Powergear provides Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) based 3D printing service with a wide range of material options available to suit your requirements.

Our offerings include functional prototypes, new product development, research aids, enclosures, miniature scale models, spares & replacements, arts & crafts and low volume batch production.

Approach us with your challenge. Our team will work collaboratively with you in developing an optimized mechanical design including development of 3D CAD models for parts, assemblies and 3D printing them.

How our service works?

Sample Prints

3D Printing Materials

Material Description
PLA High stiffness, good detail, affordable and biodegradable. Not suitable for outdoor application.
ABS Improved mechanical and thermal properties compared to PLA. Suitable for functional parts and outdoor applications.
PET/PETG Good for mechanical parts with high impact resistance and flexibility. It has excellent chemical and moisture resistance. PETG can be sterilized.
ASA Good UV stability and high chemical resistance. Improved impact, wear and weather resistance compared to ABS. Preferred material for outdoor applications.
Nylon Excellent mechanical properties, high chemical and abrasion resistance. High strength and impact resistance. Perfect for functional applications and can be used to substitute functional injection moulded parts.
Carbon Fiber filled Improved strength and stiffness. Excellent dimensional stability and lightweight.
Flexible Flexible and soft. Excellent vibration damping and good impact resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

My designs are unique. Do you sign NDA?

As standard practice, from first contact we treat all projects as confidential and no client or project information is discussed or shared with a third party unless permission has been given. Powergear is willing to sign any additional non-disclosure agreement that you may require to start a project with us.

Do you optimize the design files for 3D printing?

We will intimate you about the optimization required to meet your intentions with the 3D print. After your approval, we will do the optimization.

How do you deliver?

We usually ship via DTDC. If you want us to ship via any other shipping company, contact us.

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